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Legal Translation Services

Fast, Accurate Legal Translations

Whether you’re an individual who needs the translation of legal immigration papers to get a job or an attorney with depositions that are vital to your case; accuracy and speed are essential. We fully understand that legal translations leave no room for error. We give you the peace of mind that every legal document translation is precise, held in the strictest of confidence, and delivered quickly.

You Know It’s Done Right

Because we’re meticulous about your project, we require our translators to be a cut above the rest. In order to serve you well, our interpreters are native speakers of Telugu language and possess years of experience in the industries for which we perform legal document translation. We have the native language and legal terminology knowledge.

You also have the added assurance that all legal translation services are performed manually. You’ll never suffer at the hands of questionable, computer-generated, translations that frequently have embarrassing and costly results.

Discretion and Confidentiality Are Key

We understand your need for prudence and privacy when requesting the translation of legal documents. We’ll gladly sign confidentiality agreements and take any specific measures you deem necessary to protect your sensitive information. Our qualified team provide the certified translation of legal documents. You’ll receive translation of immigration papers and other official documents that are accepted by government agencies.

We’ll Walk You Through the Translation Process

Whether you’re undertaking the purchase of real estate, the adoption of a child or handling an international litigation, contact us today for additional information or to begin the legal translation process. We’ll be in touch quickly with a firm quote on your project as well as a time frame for turnaround.

  • Summons and complaints
  • Court decisions
  • Deposition review
  • Legal briefs
  • Insurance claims
  • Contracts
  • Patents, trademark & copyrights
  • Correspondence

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